You’re Going to Obsess Over These Design Ideas…Wait ‘Til You See WHY

Given the amount of time we spend at home, it’s unfortunate that a lot of us live in dull, boring and tiny spaces. A lot of interior designs are huge, expensive and time consuming, but for those with some money left over, there are smaller ideas that can be done and display a great way to give your home a unique flare.

Creating a dream oasis is possible and you can achieve the dramatic transformation you’ve always wanted, to really make your house or apartment feel like home. You’ll want to make these design ideas happen right now and these images will prove it.

An Elaborate, Nature-Driven Environment

Source: Tapiture

Clock Window

Source: ObservationDesk

A Glass River Center Table

Source: Reddit

Swirl Into Its Artistic Expression

Source: Imgur

A Night Floor Galaxy

Source: Fancy

A CrystaL Piece to Shine in the Sun

Source: Wzmafia

Blinds Designed to See In Unique Ways

Source: Gizmodo

Cast A Unique Shadow On Your Wall

Source: io9

Ever Wanted To Do This To Your Floors?

Source: Pinterest

Floating Vanity Bathtub Anyone?

Source: Tapiture

A Ship Bed to Dream Your Pirate Fantasy

Source: Imgfave

A Tree In YOUR Home!

Source: Gizmag

Blimp Lights Anyone?

Source: Reddit

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