Why Are Celebrities Pouring Buckets Full of Ice on Themselves

Couple of months ago, you probably would not even know what ALS stands for but now everyone is talking about it. What happened and why did it become such a viral story all around the world? And to top that up, every celebrity and every selfie loving person on the planet is pouring ice over their head. Not only that they shoot video doing just that and are posting it online. Some of these people probably never posted a video online.

So what is happening and why is it going viral?

The ice bucket challenge is fully taking advantage of the power of social media and to an extent the power of peer pressure. Both combined can be an effective marketing strategy. Well that is exactly what is happening here.
Thousands and thousands of people are doing it. And recently ALS Association reported that they received donations from seventy thousand completely new donors! Now if you have any experience in raising money for charity or of any cause, this is a lifetime of work. The ALS Association achieved this in matter of weeks.

Celebrities, one after another, are all jumping on board and challenging the others.

Below is a video of Oprah Winfrey completing her ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

With the power of peer pressure and the power of social media influence, this thing will take a while to come to an end. There is a lot for the marketing strategists to learn from this ice bucket challenge.
The Association has also claimed that compared to last year at this time, their total money they have received have surpassed previous years by 15,000% – 32,000$ compared to $5 million this year alone.

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