When She Told Them She Was A Pilot, Their Reactions Were Unbelievable. It’s Ridiculous.

At first glance, people think Saarah is Christian, but their faces change the second she tells them her full name. Saarah Hameed Ahmed is a 25 Bengaluru girl, who became recognized as the only Muslim female pilot within the aviation sector in India. She got her Visa at 18 years old and immediately enrolled in a flying school in the United States.

India's Only Female Muslim Pilot

When people discover that she is Muslim, Saarah gets a good laugh out of their reaction. A lot of people also question her abilities due to the profession she chose to pursue. According to Saarah, all she needs are her fingers to fly, so the size of the machine she’s operating has nothing to do with her ability to fly a plane.

She also received a lot of criticism from those who have Islamophobia, which scattered the world after 9/11. But these were just the beginning of her problems. In her community, girls don’t usually become pilots, travel away from home or stay in hotels without escorts. Girls were encouraged to get married and have children, those are their only duties they were taught.

Although she does have dreams of getting married and having children, she explains that it is difficult working out issues with her suitors. Many of them want her to quit her job and travel to distant cities. Her message to Muslim girls was to not let the community kill their dreams. Saarah wants to initiate change for all the girls out there who have big hopes and dreams. She encourages them to take charge of any opportunity that comes their way.

Source: Hindustan Times

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