What They Discovered In This Cave Is Completely Insane

Vietnam is home to the largest cave in the world, the Son Doong Cave. Stretching over 5.5 miles in length, it could house a 40-story skyscraper inside its walls. In 1991, a local man was walking by and discovered the entrance to this enormous cave. However, it was never fully explored until 2009 by a team of British cavers. And what they found inside is beyond belief.

Oxalis is a tour company, running adventure tours of the cave and accepts sign-ups for six-day tours. Think you can last that long? Initially, the person who discovered the cave didn’t go all the way in because it had a very steep drop. The brave visitors will have to rappel more than 80 meters to actually enter the Son Doong Cave. Now, what exactly did they find inside? See for yourself.

The Descent

It's Incredibly Large

A Jungle Grows Inside

Algae-Covered Top

Rare Cave Pearls


Beautiful Scenic Wonders

The Inside Is An Amusement Park

A Fantastic Place To Explore

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