Triple Boob Phony

jasmine-3-boobsJasmine Tridevil, whose real name is Alisha Jasmine Hessler made headlines recently for her decision to become the first woman with three breasts through surgery. She claimed that she had to sign a non-disclosure agreement to ensure that the doctor did not get into trouble.

According to TMZ, she filed a claim that a bag with prosthesis was stolen from her at the Tampa International Airport. When the cops opened the bag, they would a 3 breast prosthesis which was valued at a approximately five thousand dollars.

She wanted to have her own MTV reality show called Jasmine’s Jugs so that men would find her unattractive. Many have speculated that they were fake from the initial public release. Her YouTube video revealed that they are a different shade from the skin on the rest of her body. A majority of the time she was photographed, she was fully clothed covering her three breasts.

When she was interviewed in person, she was asked to pull up her shirt so they could examine the area of where the chest ends and the breasts begin. Although her lies were eventually revealed, she enjoyed the moment of fame she received out of this stunt.

Jasmine tried to add more authenticity to her claims after she made a video showing the two areas on her abdomen where the skin was supposedly taken to craft the third breast. She explains that she had scarring there and that the surgery was well worth it. She also claimed that she had a mini nipple implant inserted to make it appear that it was protruding. Her primary motive to the surgery was to make make herself repulsive towards men.

According to Daily Beast, Jasmine also deceived the public before with a series of Internet scams. She was previously charged with using personal information to commit fraud. She is a scam artist but the web has been filled with her antics. Her webpage for her massage business was updated saying “Provider of Internet hoaxes since 2014” and “Specialist in massage for three breasted woman”.

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