This Is What Happens When German Residents Get Sick of Drunken Public Urinators

Residents of St. Pauli are sick and tired of drunken revellers using their streets and walls on their homes as a big open public urinal. They live in the “party square” of Hamburg, and decided to take a stance against this issue in a unique way. The St. Pauli community organization began to coat a variety of walls in superhydrophobic substance. This causes the urine to splash back at urinators creating a highly uncomfortable and risk endeavour, especially at night.

Some places have signs labelling the walls that have been treated with the superhydrophobic coating, however, others are not labelled and will remain that way. So what is the best option for those who have to go really badly? Go find a proper bathroom to do your business.

Super-Hydrophobic Wall Coating

Source: Spiegel

Although the campaign might seem silly, it could be the one novel idea that actually delivers an effective approach to this long-standing issue. As St. Pauli residents warn, “it’s peeback time”.

Don't You Dare

Source: Spiegel

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