This Couple’s Star Wars-Themed Wedding Photos Will Make Darth Vader Jealous

This couple wanted a wedding in Star Wars, not just a Star Wars themed wedding. Krystel Ciocon and Earle Doudera went all out to make their love even stronger by re-igniting the force that bond them together in the first place – the love for Star Wars movies!


Ciocon told BuzzFeed, “We bonded over a lot of things; Star Wars was a wonderful addition,” she said. “We invested in our own lightsabers. Now they’re at the center of our dresser. When we found out they were making Episode 7, we knew we had to go to opening day.”

“I didn’t just want a wedding with a Star Wars theme,” Ciocon said. “I wanted a wedding in Star Wars. I wanted to be a part of this fantastic universe, and all the ideas just fell into place.”

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“The Star Wars aspect was my idea,” she said. “Everyone was telling me how to do my wedding — ‘You should do it by the beach, you need to do that, you gotta have this, etc. etc.’ Earle asked me, ‘What is your dream wedding?’ but I knew we didn’t have the budget required for it. But he said, ‘We can figure it out with our budget.’ We made sacrifices, cut out a lot of things, saved a lot of things, researched all the deals, and we figured it out together.”

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