This Boy With Diabetes Saved Pennies For 4 Years To Pay For A Service Dog

Aiden Heath was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of 4. His mom told him to start saving if he wanted to afford a service dog.

Now you may be wondering why a service dog for a kid with Type 1 diabetes. Well these service dogs are potential life-savers. They can sniff out dangerously low glucose levels 20 minutes before a monitor can.

However, these dogs are not cheap. They cost about $15,000 and this is a huge sum of money for a family who is already dealing with the cost of providing adequate care for someone with Diabetes.

Aiden is now 8-years-old and for the past four years he has been collecting pennies so he can afford a service dog. Although he is not close to his 15,000$ goal, he is working hard at getting there.

His efforts didn’t go to waste. Recent GoFundMe page has helped him raise over $22,000. Enough to pay for his potential life-saving dog.

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