This Beautiful Australian House Seems to Float ABOVE Sea, BUT Closeup? WHOA!

Architects at Australia F2 Architecture firm have really outdone themselves by using tricky perspectives with the integration of modern design to produce a floating luxury rental home. It actually looks like it’s floating about the Southern coast of Australia.

But observe carefully. Looking at it from different views will spoil the illusion, however, it still does not take away from how appealing the design is. The structure is actually built on a pole, rising 40 meters above the slope underneath it. This home accommodates a superb view of Fairhaven Beach as well as the Great Ocean Road below it… go ahead, take a peek!

The Illusion

Source: Kotaku

Inside the Rental Home

Source: inthralld

WHOA! Look at the View

Source: rsvlts

The View From Your Living Room

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Suspended 40 Meters Above

Source: freshome

Cook In Style

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An Amazing View

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Sunsets Anyone?

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Nighttime Bliss

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Now That's What I Call A House

Source: Daily Mail

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