They Quit Their Jobs To Live In This And Experience The Ultimate Adventure Of A Lifetime

They were sick and tired of paying high rent, drowning in college debt and continuing careers that enabled that hectic lifestyle. They never thought they would ever be able to pursue their passion for writing and photography. When they came across a tiny, yet sophisticated home, it immediately induced them to live their lives and pursue their ultimate dreams that can only be fulfilled through travel.

With no experience, they didn’t realize what they were getting themselves into. But they had to rethink the idea of what a home really means to them. Adjusting to this change from past mistakes, countless life lessons learnt, and this recent downsize really put things into perspective. This home on wheels journeyed them through more than 10,000 miles over 6 months and they couldn’t have been happier.

They Buried Their Debt and High Rent

The Game Plan Was Simple

A 'Learn As You Go' Attitude

Is It Really A Home?

Finally Ready to Hit the Road!

Not the Most Spacious Home

The Travelling Spree Continues

From Point A to Point B

6 Months and 10,000 Miles Later

Source: Tiny House Giant Journey

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