They Call It Fashion…But The Granny Hair Trend Is Catching On Fire

Are you a granny in the making? This new grey hair trend is catching on like wildfire and pretty soon, your mother won’t be in such a rush to pluck all of her grey hairs out. Young fashionistas everywhere are sporting this bold new look and want transform their traditional hair into a very distinct appearance.

How long do you think this craze will last before it ‘dyes’ out and bright red comes back in style? Soon, a new trend will emerge and as these ladies are heading to the salon, they could find themselves wandering back for a new shade of grey.

Grey Everything

Source: Buzzfeed

Grey Braids

Source: Tumblr

Grey Locks

Source: Tumblr

Grey & Black Ombre

Source: Lakako

Short Grey

Source: Tumblr

Grey Lips??

Source: Tumblr

Grey/White Combo

Source: Tumblr

Would You Try It?

Source: eyeshadowlipstick

Grey Pony Tail!

Source: bellasugar

Something's Missing

Source: Tumblr

Grey Frizz

Source: Tumblr

Storm From X-Men?

Source: Tumblr

Fashionista Is Set

Source: Tumblr

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