These Stories Will Make You Hate People Even More

Kim Kardashian

Humans are a very menacing bunch aren’t they? One day we’re peacefully baking or mastering the paradigms of science, the next day we’re blowing each other up. We’re increasingly difficult to satisfy and despite our best efforts, we still manage to piss each other off. Have a look at some of the dumbest things people and organizations have ever done. These tasteless acts really take the cake and will make you weep for all the humanity that is left in this world. On the plus side, it’s still highly entertaining.

1. Kim Kardashian’s Philanthropy Wows People

Without a doubt, Kim Kardashian is known for wearing excessive makeup, having overdone highlights, wearing tacky blazers and her infamous past. In 2013 she did a shocking charity stunt which was poor, even for her standards. She sold a lot of clothes to raise money to help survivors of the typhoon that struck the Philippines. The idea seemed good, but she pocketed 90 percent of the profit. It’s shocking that she left the remaining 10 percent.

2. A Majority of Americans Think Children Playing Should Be Considered A Criminal Act

Although the US crime rate was relatively low in the past few decades, a recent survey showed that people hate unsupervised play and think they should be criminalized. Previous studies show that unsupervised play is a very vital part in childhood development. This isn’t some type of Law and Order case, these are children.

3. Walmart Wants You To Pay Charity For Their Underpaid Employees

Walmart was under the heat for underpaying their employees. They failed to provide a decent and adequate living wage for their employees, even though their profits soared to $15.7 billion back in 2012. Walmart came up with the idea of making customers donate food so employees can eat. According to Walmart it’s “caring”…according to everyone else it’s outrageous.

4. Expectant Father Finds Out That His Girlfriend Just Wanted to Eat

Barbara Bienvenue and her boyfriend Paul Servat were expecting quintuplets in March. As they made it to the delivery room they found out that she was note really pregnant, it was just her body. She lied about having this physician condition and in the past used the same excuse that she was pregnant, sometimes she said she was having twins and other times she claimed to have cancer.

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