These Airlines Provide The Best Experience You Probably Never Had Before

Sometimes flying on an airplane can be lengthy journey with screaming children, unfriendly staff, and people who casually abuse their seat recliners. Your fatigue probably won’t go away but for some of these airlines, it was a completely different experience for their passengers.

gfhfggfPassengers on Virgin Australia had the best time of their lives when the cast of the Lion King sang ‘Circle of Life’. This Broadway musical lifted spirits as they got everyone involved. Although it was a relatively short flight from Brisbane to Sydney, the experience was something no one could ever forget.

While Australia aims for singing, Southwest Airlines wanted to incorporate more humour into their flights. This stewardess’s comedic safety guidelines and funny presentation had everyone laughing their heads off. To those people who suffer from anxiety with flying or have some rather unsettling nerves, this is the cure. If you’re fortunate to experience this, no other flight might compare to this!

Easyjet has on-board entertainment with their National Shakespeare Day designed to have performances and renditions of William Shakespeare’s most famous plays during their flights. This campaign strives to make the 23rd of April a nationally recognized holiday. What a great treat.

Curious to see who will be on your next flight? KLM Airlines implemented a “Meet and Seat” program for people to go online and see who’s going to board their flight. This could be celebrities, or other people you may even know. With LinkedIn integration, it gives the added benefit of networking with other people.

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