The World’s Greatest Mysteries That Have Never Been Solved

Although we have advanced technology and well-developed systems that improve our understanding or the world around us, there is still a gap that has not been filled. There are numerous things that remain a mystery leading to increased efforts to satisfy our curiosity. Unfortunately many of these attempts were unsuccessful, leading some situations to remain unsolved. These cases will make you rethink reality and possibly think of an overwhelming power that is beyond our reach and something that is not easily explained.

1. The Mary Celestemary celeste

This ship was set to sail to Italy, departing from the New York harbour in the year of 1872. The passengers included the captain, his family as well as eight other members in the crew. Unfortunately the ship never arrived to its intended destination. Later, it was found floating on the surface near the Straight of Gibraltar with no one in it. Nothing was missing except everyone  who border the ship and the captain’s log book.


2. The Marfa Lights

These mysterious lights have repeatedly been spotted near Mitchell Flats, which is east of Marfa, Texas. Numerous sightings have been reported by people within that area. It had been an ongoing occurrence over the last century. To this day, there has been no factual evidence of any sort. Beyond reasonable belief and theories that strived to give support for these instances, there was nothing else that showed up.

3. Babushka Lady

The Babushka lady was seen taking pictures when President Kennedy was assassinated. Her name was crowned ‘Babushka’ by the FBI by the way she was dressed. She had a headscarf which resembled those Russian grandmothers wore, hence the name. No one really knows who she is, since she has not been properly identified. The pictures she took remain a mystery despite prompts for her to come forward, which she never did.

4. Tunguska

In the Tunguska forest located in Siberia, there was a huge explosion that was never fully explained. The force and level of description this caused was comparable to the effects of 2,000 Hiroshima bombs. It was originally thought to be a meteor, however there was no scientific backing to support this argument, leaving little room to explain what caused this.

5. Ball Lightening

It is very rare for ball lightening to occur. This happens when lighting takes a spherical shape which looks like tiny balls of electricity floating in the sky. There has been no research to find out what causes this really strange thing to occur.

6. Axeman of New Orleans

A New Orleans couple was killed inside their home in 1918. They were basically butchered from head to toe in their sleep. However, nothing was taken, the only thing the killer left was an axe at the scene of the crime. After this incident, this same man took 8 more lives until his vicious attacks came to a halt. This Axeman of New Orleans was never found.

7. Olof Palme

A Swedish politician and prime minister from 1982 to 1986 went by the name of Olof Palme. He instilled a referendum on nuclear energy and looked at ways of restoring socialist economic policies. Later that year he attended a movie with his wife. They were walking home when he was suddenly assassinated by an unknown individual. It was still not clear who killed him.

8. D.B. Cooper

In November 1971, D.B. Cooper hijacked an airplane that was traveling from Portland, Oregon to Seattle, Washington. When the plane landed he insisted that he receive $200,000 in cash. After the plane was refuelled and was back in the sky, he parachuted from the plane with the money securely attached to his body. Both him and the money have been missing ever since.

9. Hitler’s Fortune

The Nazis were infamous for stealing the wealth from the people they killed. Hitler was believed to have around 4 billion dollars in hoarded gold, currency and other valuable items. Some of these stolen items have been found. But the rest still remain a mystery.

10. Burial Site of Genghis Khan

When Genghis Khan died, it was rumoured that all who witnessed his burial were killed. His followers allegedly buried Genghis and killed everyone that helped with the burial process. To hide his grave, they had horses trampled the dirt around the area. This legend is still unsolved since no one has come up with any logical theory as to what really happened.

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