The Same Insects You Fear Are Going Into These Peoples’ Mouths

Man Eating WormsDifferent cultures exhibit different kinds of behaviour when it comes to mealtime. Before gourmet meals and expensive dining, was an era where food of distinct forms was eaten in order to survive. Contrary to our typical norms that shape our thoughts into what meal can be considered ideal, it’s good to evaluate the different items consumed by varying people across different countries such as Latin America, Africa and Asia.

In Thailand, they consume beer with fried bugs and local street vendors sell them like hotcakes. Deep-fried crickets, grasshoppers, bamboo worms and woodworms are crawling on their plates. Hungry yet?

Believe it or not, the Aborigines of Australia used to cook moths in the sand and eat them once the wings and legs have been dismembered. Current Australians consume honey pot ants, eat witchetty grubs and moth larvae. Long-time eaters say that witchetty grubs have a comparable taste to almonds. This could mean that honey pot ants taste like honey…regardless, would you consider eating it?

Mexicans on the other hand cook their ant eggs with butter, deep fry caterpillars and submerge locusts into chocolate. And if this doesn’t tingle your taste buds enough, their worms are candy-coated which serve as a delectable snack or after-dinner treat. Finally, to quench your thirst let’s not forget about their alcoholic beverages, which are commonly served with moth larvae!
Moving south of the border, queen ants are the must-haves of Brazil. This was very popular among the less affluent civilians. However, this popularity has shifted as the little town of Silveiras started celebrating this tradition in November. During this annual festivity, the ants are either deep fried or dipped into chocolate. According to some eaters, queen ants have a mint flavour and aftertaste.

On the other side of the world, dining in Japan is very intriguing. Their cuisine is comprised of fried moth pupae and boiled wasp larvae. It is common practice to serve aquatic insect larvae and fried grasshoppers with many meals. Not everyone is brave enough to embark on this food frenzy, so visitors often start of with small, nimble portions.

China is the haven of the creepy crawlies. They crave live scorpion liquor and heavily boiled critters sautéed in vinegar. In the cold winter months, they serve soup with ants tossed into their meal. Restaurants offer fried silkworm moth larvae and roasted bee larvae.

Do you think you can stomach these delicacies? Hopefully you didn’t spoil your appetite because what might be considered unappetizing on one culture can be a great element to another culture’s menu. Consider Ghana, termites are a big part of their feasts. All some villagers had were insects to rely on as a source of food to survive so they cannot always pick and chose what they eat. Whether it’s deep fried grasshopper or a seafood platter from Red Lobster, food is food and we can embrace them all.

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