Photo of Woman in Bikini With a New Year’s Inspirational Message Goes Viral

A woman’s bikini picture has gone viral after she shared a photo of her in a bikini along with all negative comments about her body.

Molly Galbraith Shared Photo

As it happens every January, you are pushed from everywhere to make changes. To make New Year’s resolutions for change. Even more pressure on people when it comes to their bodies.

BUT Molly Galbraith, a health and fitness personality, is giving all of us a refreshing alternative to those superficial resolutions.

Molly wrote about her constant battle to keep a perfect body. She shared all the names she had been called such as “you are too fat”, “you are too thin” and “you are too masculine” within a span of a few days.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

She wrote: “For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to change the way my body looks. I’ve been overweight and I’ve been very lean, and I’ve been everything in between, but no matter my size or body fat percentage, it was never good enough.

“I always thought, ‘if I could just [insert change to my body here] then I would be good enough/pretty enough/worthy enough’.”

Ms Galbraith, from Lexington, Kentucky in the US

She added: “I was thinking a few weeks ago about how I used to always stress about how my body looked, and whether I was ‘lean enough’ (whatever that means) so I had my boyfriend take that picture of me, on a random Tuesday, with no special angles or lighting or preparation.

“Just my body, as-is.

Molly Galbraith In Competition

Molly said she wanted to show people that they should be happy with their body as is no matter what others say about you.

Molly's Facebook Post

She added: “With all of the companies preying on the insecurities of women selling them quick-fixes and fad diets for their New Year’s Resolution, I wanted to do something different.

“I wanted to show them an example of a strong and healthy woman who isn’t interested in changing the way her body looks.”

This is my body

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