Nurse Accused of Killing 38 Annoying Patients

42-year-old Daniela Poggiali was arrested last weekend for killing 38 patients because she found them as well as their relatives highly annoying according to various reports. She was arrested in Lugo, a northern Italian town. Police found her taking a selfie with a recently deceased patient. She was under the suspicion of poisoning a 78-year-old patient who died from the injection of potassium chloride. This was not the only case, police are widening their investigations on a number of deaths that happened under her watch.

daniela poggiali

Her co-workers claimed that she would sedate patients who were bothersome during her shift. All these abnormal deaths were some how connected to Poggiali. Andrea Des Dorides is the general director of Ravenna province health care continued with investigations that were launched earlier this year, in April. There was a lot of evidence surrounding the fact that she would intentionally inject chemicals into numerous patients.

Of course, Daniela Poggiali denied any wrong doing. By the meanwhile investigations are continuingĀ but there are a hurdle of difficulties. This woman was unperturbed when she was arrested a few days ago. A nurse who worked with her in the hospital claimed that she was a very cold person, however she was always eager to work. She is being held on this murder charge but had allegedly given powerful laxatives to patients towards the end of her shits to embarrass colleagues who would work on the shift right after her.

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