Mike Myers Resurrects Dr. Evil and Mocks Kim Jong-Un on SNL

In the midst of the Sony hack and chaos surrounding Kim Jong-Un’s threat of “grave consequences” if joint investigation isn’t taken, things become more confusing than ever. In response to the cyber attacks that happened just recently, the FBI suggests that North Korea was definitely involved, however, they deny any involvement whatsoever. In the hindsight of all this madness, there is only one person who can set the record straight—Dr. Evil of course.

dr evil

On Saturday Night Live, Mike Myers resurrects Dr. Evil from the Austin Powers trilogy to show North Korea and Sony what true evil really is. Myers describes the dispute as similar to two bald men fighting over a comb…who really cares? He takes a few jabs at the Guardians of Piece and makes fun of himself by mentioning the Love Guru, one of his worst films ever.

Myers hasn’t played Dr. Evil in a long time, but as long as he can slip on the bald cap, wear his uniform and place a cat on his lap, it’s enough to really get excited about watching. Who’d really miss this opportunity to mock the lame slap fight between Sony and North Korea over the release of The Interview?. Sony practically bowed down to evil by making an explicit decision to pull the movie. Although the film went a little too far, Obama made a lot of criticism over their decision and wished they would’ve spoken to him first before taking such action.

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