Meet The Lady Who Didn’t Know Her Boyfriend Was Born A Woman

Charlotte Urie is only 20 years old and during her relationship with Kieran Moloney, she was oblivious to the fact that Kieran was born a woman. She was so in love and thought she found the perfect man to settle down and have children with. Kieran was born as Ciara, but tried to keep the entire ordeal a secret until meeting Charlotte. Then the revelation unfolded, but despite that, Charlotte still agrees to continue this long-term relationship, get married and have children.

born a woman

Source: HotSpot Media

She didn’t have any concerns dating someone who was transgender, her partner’s biology means nothing to her. Kieran had a double mastectomy 3 years ago at 23 years old. After the transition, he is comfortable in his own skin. Growing up was difficult. At age 4, his mother would put him in a dress and he would squeal because he didn’t want to do “girlie” things. As his confusion grew fonder, so did his bullies. His decision to undergo surgery was inevitable since he hated the way he looked and felt out of place. In 2012 he legally changed his name to complete the transformation.

Kieran Moloney

Source: HotSpot Media

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