Little Girl Shaves Head To Support Her Sister’s Remission From Cancer

When Natalie was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia at the tender age of 5, her older sister, Hannah, became her backbone of support throughout the entire process. Even when she was vomiting blood, she never freaked out or left her side, she stroked her head and kept comforting her. Since she is finish up her chemotherapy, her sister wanted to support her sister by shaving her head and donating it to Wigs for Kids.

girl shaves head

Source: Huffington Post

She wanted to inspire kids with cancer to be brave. Her parents couldn’t have been more proud of her and how she strives to make others happy. They love what she is doing but also warns her that the kids in school might not understand why she shaved her head and might tease her for looking different. But Hannah doesn’t care, she says she is beautiful just the way she is.

At first, Natalie didn’t want them to take Hannah’s hair off and she was crying for them to stop. When she was picked up and started to buzz a few of the red locks off, she realized that everyone would be ok. Kids can be so much smarter and stronger than some adults will ever be.

Walking back to school was not an issue at all. The children applauded her decision and she was the class hero. Everyone was excited for her to share the experience with them and show how brave a child can actually be, even through tough situations.

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