Hop On Over To Rabbit Island And Become A Bunny Blanket

Grab some carrots, and hop into the wonderful abyss of our little furry friends. Who wouldn’t want to be smothered by these cute cuddly animals. There are hundreds and even thousands of them roaming around this magical island. This is located on the island of Ōkunoshima, Japan, which used to house a poison gas factory during World War II.


The feral rabbits are not wild. They gracefully greet new visitors with a warm bounce off the ground. They are tamed and well behaved, for the most part. When it comes to feeding time, they don’t pass up on meals. They’ll even follow you around if they’re still hungry and want another bite to eat.
If you lie down you’ll be in for quite the surprise! The rabbits will swarm you and you’ll soon become a bunny blanket just for them. No they won’t hurt you, but it can be quite a contrary experience, especially for someone who anticipates minimal interaction with the bunnies. They’re energetic, friendly and ready to be played with. Luckily you can still visit this island today. There are hotels so you can check-in and rest comfortably for another exciting day at Rabbit island.

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