Hitting The Guinness Book Out of the Park

With newer tricks and more creative abilities, people are continually adding to the Guinness Book of World Records. For those who aren’t coming up with something new or novel, they’re beating old records and doing a good job at it. What could people possibly think of next? The answers may shock you.
Lucky Diamond Rich held the world record for being the most tattooed. Usually people dedicate a small part of their body to get a permanent mark of their choice that will remain on their body forever. But Lucky took it to a whole new level. No space is left unfilled, as his entire body is 100% tattooed from head to toe. He ended up beating previous record holder Julia Gnuse, who had 95% of her body pigmented in ink.
Chanel Tapper is the only female with the longest tongue in the world. This US born citizen measured 3.8 inches long, which is more than twice the size of the average human tongue. The longest tongue recorded for a male was 3.86 inches in length, held by UK resident, Stephen Taylor.

Piercings are frightening for some, but make a bold statement for others. Simply put, it allows individuals to express themselves in a way that others may not quite understand. Elaine Davidson went a little overboard, totalling 462 piercings throughout her entire body. This number can be seen as incomparable once ranked against the additions she made in 2012. She currently has 9000 body piercings weighing approximately 3 kg, most of which are located near her pelvic interior.

Hair, hair everywhere. Thailand’s Supatra Sasuphan holds the world record for being the hairiest teen in the world. This is pretty atypical for a normal teenage girl; however, she has a condition called hirsutism. This is the condition that caused her excessive hair growth in the first place.

Lifting heavy weights and building strength does prove your competence right? Well try pulling an airplane. Kevin Fast did exactly that in 2009. He pulled the heaviest aircraft, an CC-177 Globe master 3 III, weighing more than 118 tons over 8.8 meters. This beast has truly proven himself in terms of his core strength and capability.

Most women take good care of their nails and even resort to extensions to make them appear longer and sexier. But this featured woman took a different approach. Lee Redmond decided to stop cutting them in 1979. Eventually, she landed into the Guinness Book of World Records having the longest nails reaching about 8.65 meters. Unfortunately, this title is now lost as her car accident in 2009 broke all of her nails with only 4 inches remaining.

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