First Lady of Funk? Michelle and Ellen Go Wild With ‘Uptown’

Ellen DeGeneres is perhaps the only person in the world who can cure everyone’s woes with dance. Now if two people could join the party, who would it be? It would have to be Ellen and Michelle Obama. Despite their busy and hectic lives, they took the time to go wild and out with Bruno Mars’ hit ‘Uptwon Funk’… it’s certainly not something you’d want to miss.

Quick, don’t forget to mark this on your calendar, Michelle Obama will be paying a visit to Ellen on an episode set to air on Monday March 16. The First Lady will share her healthy lifestyle and her new initiative which is Gimmie 5. It seeks to encourage people to do five things per day that would lead to a healthy and wholesome lifestyle.

Want more? There’s also going be a Gimme 5 dance, to take place at the White House Easter Egg Roll. She sure loves to dance. Cue the music, get it playing and start moving!

With the help of the crew from So You Think You Can Dance, Ellen and Ms. Obama took the floor with their moves. What could be more amazing than seeing one the the best daytime talk show hosts engage in a rhythmic choreographed dance with the first lady?

Michelle and Ellen Get Down

Source: E! Online

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