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Chimps Murder Naturally

Murder is completely natural in the wild for chimpanzees. Before, scientists thought that this increase in murder rates was a result of humans encroaching in their habitats. A new study proves otherwise. It explains...

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Four Poisonous Foods You Should Avoid

This isn’t a warning about poisonous mushrooms living under a rock beneath your garden. Nor is this a food challenge that requires you to sign a waiver form. This article highlights certain foods that...

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Evolution Explains Walking Fish

This “walking fish” had been studied by researches at McGill University as a basis to help explain the evolution of these terrestrial ancestors. The findings will shock you. They show significant clues that reflect...

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Launching Facebook Drones

Facebook is planning to create autonomous drones that are roughly the size of jumbo jets, which will fly 17 miles above the earth. The purpose is to provide wireless Internet to approximately four billion...