Cannibals Killed 2 Women, Stuffed Them and Sold It to the Neighbours

A gruesome story yields the tale of two cannibals, Jorge Silver and his wife Isabel Pires who are assumed of the most chilling crimes you could hear about. The suspects are undergoing trial after killing the women, eating their bodies and making pastries with their flesh, which they sold to the neighbors.


Source: Daily Mirror

How did they lure the women in the first place? They set up fake nanny job postings encouraging people to stop by their house for a screening and interview. They two claimed to be part of a sect that strived to reduce the world’s population. They both could face up to 30 years in prison.

After they made their carnivorous pastries they sold it to the neighbours, schools and hospitals claiming that it was made of tuna and chicken. In addition to this gruesome tale, deceives found a book written by Jorge who was obsessed with killing women. It was 50 pages in length, enough to classify these two as one of the most vile criminals Brazil has ever seen.

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