At Age 117, The World’s Oldest Person Said This And You Won’t Believe The Reaction!

At 117 years old, this Japanese woman is the oldest person in the world. After entering the Guinness Book of World Records back in 2013, she still challenges this record each day she’s living. Misao Okawa spent her special day with her entire family to mark this occasion. She was born on March 5 1898, but according to her, 117 years does not feel very long.

What's her secret?

She lives in a nursing home and has only a few troubles with hearing but other than that, she’s in great health and has no trouble eating.

No Hearing Aids?

Miao married her husband in 1919 and spent just twelve years with him until he died in 1931. During that time, they had two daughters and one son.

She doesn't look a day over 70

Currently the family has four generations living, with four grandchildren and six great-grand children! If you lived to be as long as her, what would you do all those years?

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