And The Darwin Award Goes To These 11 Winners


These Darwin awards go out to the most stupid people known to man. They are given on the basis of natural selection, people who are so foolish they end up injuring themselves. Although some may deem this as cruel to celebrate, for your entertainment it’s here to be judged.

1. Sunlight Diet -A lady in Switzerland attempted to do a Sunlight Diet and ended up starving herself to death.

2. Presidential Suicide -When President Obama was re-elected in 2012, a Florida man thought it would be suitable to kill himself than live through these next four years with Obama in charge.

3. Doing Naked Push Ups -A man undressed and dove into his birthday suit by doing push-ups, naked, as onlookers passed by. He was struck and killed by a car than ran him over.

4. Toilet Killers -Three people sustained injuries and two individuals died in China when they tried to get a cell-phone that accidentally fell into the local toilet. I wonder what they ate that made the toilets so deadly.

5. Balcony Romance -In England, a couple was having sex on their balcony. The husband wanted to hoist his wife up onto the railing to get a better angle and they quickly flew off- balance. The two eventually plummeted to their deaths.

6. Taking Elephant Selfies -In Kenya, two people tried to take various selfies with a wild elephant. To their surprise, they were trampled to death by the scared animal.

7. ATM Robbery Gone Explosive -A pair of Belgian thieves attempted to rob an ATM by blowing the whole thing up with dynamite. They went overboard with the explosives and this blew up the whole building including them.

8. Electrical Urination -A couple of frat boys climbed an electrical substation and sea a wasp’s nest. They began to urinate on it. There were obviously no survivors.

9. Dropping The Charges -A man from Minnesota had numerous parole violations. He wanted to purposely injure himself to get pain killers so he jumped out of a moving car. His plan followed through and he didn’t have to do jail time.

10. Knife Proof Jacket -An England man believed that his leather jacket was knife-proof. To test this idea out, he personally took the liberty of doing it on himself. Needless to say this ended up in a trip to the hospital followed by death from the stab wounds he took to the chest.












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