After Being Called A Giraffe In School She Now Makes £6k Squashing Men

At 6 feet 8 inches tall, Ana Lucia Barbosa was bullied all her life as a child and growing up in school. She was always teased about her height but now, she uses it to her advantage by dominating men.

Ana Lucia Barbosa

She was forced to quit school at 15 since “giraffe” was cruelly branded as her name. Despite of all this, Ana still has the last laugh. She was able to escape the poverty she faced living in the poorer towns of Brazil and banked $10,000 per day squashing men.

At 200 pounds, she earns thousands by dominating, sitting on and wrestling clients who are willing to let her do what she does best. She goes by her new nickname as Amazon Cinthia. She enjoys a jet-set lifestyle by being flown all over the world being admired and showered in gifts along with praise and recognition from her work.

According to reports, she even has an army of men offering to be her salve. The thirty-year old admitted that some women aren’t brave enough to do the kinds of things she does, and men love it. This work has dramatically changed her life to the point where she is more than adequately able to provide for her family. She used to be depressed and never really liked herself for who she was. She was approached by a stranger in a bar and introduced her to the world of amazon modelling.

At last, she found her calling. She is one of the tallest amazon models in the industry, getting plenty of requests for her domination sessions. She would charge $300 for a one-hour session. Although her work is quite aggressive, she insists that nothing sexual ever goes on between her and her clients.

Before this experience, she never thought she would have a boyfriend or get married but now, all that has changed. With big jobs comes big responsibility. When she first started out, she accidentally broke a mans ribs after sitting on him. He had to say away from work for 2 months because of her.

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