9 Things That Could Probably Happen When You Die


When happens when we die? This has been a question everyone has pondered at least one point in their life. Obviously no one really knows what happens when we die. We can only rely on the stories told from people who had near-death experiences. After all, this is as close as we can get. Generally, people have had varying beliefs about this topic with a fair set of arguments counter against one. In many cases, people claimed to have died and been brought back to life and have shared some of those experiences. Let’s weigh in on these thoughts.

1. You See The Light

A lot of people who did die, reported seeing a light at the end of what looked like a tunnel. This is the most common occurrence that people have throughout history’s collection of deadly experiences.

2. You Can See Your Own Body

This “out of body experience” is something many people claimed to have encountered. They sense this spirit that rises about their own body. Once someone tries to restore this connectivity between the physical body and their consciousness, this will fail leaving the individual with a lot of anxiety, fear and emotion for a brief moment.

3. You Will Have Guardian Angels

A lot of people apparently see an angel or something looking like a spirit that hovers over them. They claim that guardian angels assist people in the after life an that there can be more than one per person.

4. Your Mother Visits You

When some people were on their deathbed, they said that their mother visited them during this period.

5. You See Dead Relatives

A lot of people who died and come back saw most of their dead relatives both long gone and recently deceased. Some individuals claim to have been greeted by them during a huge part in celebration of their entrance into the afterlife.

6. Your Life Flashes Before Your Eyes

Many people reportedly saw their lives flash before their eyes. They saw all of their previous moments ranging from their proud accomplishments to their most embarrassing encounters over the years.

7. You Can See Everyone Else And Also Hear Them

In numerous instances, people were able to see everyone who was in the room with them. Despite multiple attempts to reciprocate and interact with them, their body resisted this urge since their body was lifeless while their sprit was awake.

8. You Are At Peace

A huge majority of people who had near-death experiences and returned to life said that they felt this overwhelming sense of joy and peace. They felt this loving presence that was so powerful that no one can truly comprehend what sparked this euphoric feeling.

9. You Will Never Want To Return

Many individuals said that the whole experience was so calming that they didn’t want to return to life. They claimed that the strong positive feeling was greater than anything they experienced on earth.

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