6 Underwater Surprises From Dried Out California Lakes

Within the last century, California faced severe drought which took a huge toll on make of the lakes in the state. Many of them are dangerously below their full capacity and now, the state is expected to lose more than 2.2 trillion gallons of surface water this year. As of last week, approximately 82% of the state is facing extreme drought conditions. Some reseviours have a water level that reaches only a quarter of the volume it can contain.

california lakes

On the bright side, this water loss revealed some interesting historical artifacts and bizarre objects that would have otherwise be hidden in these lakes. From stole cars to missing guns, they all provide evidence to the missing links that swarmed neighboring cities to bring closure to old mysteries.

1. A Federal Agent’s Badge and Handgun

Local fisherman at Castaic Lake in Los Angeles found a backpack that contained these items. Local police were able to track down this agent. Apparently he lost is bag at the lake in 1992. The receding water level is down to 29% of capacity and these long-lost valuables emerged years later.

2. A Stolen Station Wagon

A submerged car was found in Laguna Lake which was stolen in 2006. This station wagon did not seem to have any salvageable parts.

3. Lost Gold Rush-era Towns

Old gold-mining towns such as Mormon Island were very apparent. This one was a settlement founded in the 1840’s.

4. Clues To A 50-Year Old Plane Crash

Several slit-covered objects were found that might have been part of a plane crash in 1965.

5. A Vacation Getaway

Bombay Beach on the Salton Sea used to be a nice vacation getaway and known as California’s Riviera.

6. A Rare Species of Jellyfish

The freshwater jellyfish range from dime-sized critters to quarter sized. They are repopulating in Lake Oroville but drought years make their population surge.

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