15 Must-Have Pranks To Pull This April Fools. Are You Clever or Cruel?

April Fools is around the corner, and you want to be the best prankster there is, right? Of course you don’t want to do something too dangerous that would land you in trouble. But definitely something that would give yourself a few good laughs.

Stir in some drama, ignite some fury and smack some fun into this special prankster’s holiday with these must-have pranks that you should be right pulling now, leading up to the first of April.

Get Someone Crying Over Spilled Milk

Source: Instructables

Dessert, Grilled Cheese Style

Source: Buzzfeed

Behold, the Ancient Sandwich

Source: Perpetual Kid

Ketchup Mayhem

Source: allfortheboys

Sock Trouble?

Source: Buzzfeed

Chocolate Chip Cookies YAY!

Source: Pinterest

No TV Nightmare

Source: Pnpflowersinc

Make Them Dye

Source: Buzzfeed

Nail Polish This Soap

Source: ertonts

Super Glue Coins to the Ground

Source: Flickr

These'll Make You Cry

Source: Motifake

Cake POP!

Source: Kidspot

Toilet Surprise!

Source: Jared Alice

Orange Juice Anyone?

Source: Imgur

First, Pull the Zip-Tie

Source: The Next Web

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