10 Things That Happened Over 10 Years Ago…Oh Janet

Seriously, it hasn’t felt that long since we saw Janet Jackson’s nip slip, watched Mean Girls, saw the worst lip synching ever and continually danced to Usher. As newer and controversial events began to unfold, they never ceased to entertain us as viewers. Crazy antics, bizarre marriages and the end of favourite TV series were only the start of such memorable period. Who could forget these decade-old memories we’ve had…well maybe grandma.

Janet Jackson's Duo With Justin Timberlake...and Her Boob Suddenly Made an Appearance

Source: Hollywood Reporter

Ashlee Simpson Lip Synching on Saturday Night Live

Source: NNM

Usher's Hit Song "Yeah!"

Source: Blog HD TV

Britney Spears Married Jason Alexander in a Wedding Chapel

Source: Virgin Media

Friends Sadly Ended

Source: Fox Japan

Napoleon Dynamite's Release

Source: Rorty Bomb

The Invention of Facebook

Source: Answers.com

The Premiere of Mean Girls

Source: Crushable

Hello Moto

Source: Articulo

When Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston Were Together

Source: Cascade Friends

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