10 Surprisingly Unhealthy Foods That You’ll Never Want To Eat Again

Let’s face it, whenever we go to the mall you can’t help but get a little bit carried away with what you see and smell in the food court. The aroma of deep-fried chicken, heavily salted fries and sugar coated treats all trigger our compulsions to go in for the treat. We have these impulses and thoughts in our inner minds tempting us to make the purchase and consume our hearts out. The growing epidemic of obesity and substantial weight gain can all be attributed to these damaging foods we put in our bodies. Despite our best efforts, we still end up consuming foods that are perceived as healthy, when in reality they’re not. Here are 10 foods you will never want to eat again. After hearing what they contain, you might want to rethink your food choices.

1. Energy Bars

Just because they’re small and packed with vitamins and minerals on the outside labelling, doesn’t necessarily mean that they are the healthiest choice. Protein bars are really just processed chemicals. They do nothing more than those glorified candy bars.

energy bar


2. Bran Muffins

They seem like the ideal part of any wholesome breakfast with their whole-grain contents. Think again. They contain heaps of sugar, flour and fat. They have more calories than doughnuts.


3. Pretzels

Although these lightweight bite-sized goodies have fewer calories than chips, they’re still very bad for you. It contains white flour which is its stripped of all its nutrients and fiber. Pretzels also contain yeast, salt, vegetable oil and corn syrup, all waiting to tear your insides apart.


4. Baked Beans

Beans are very healthy. Baked beans on the other hand might just trick you with the word “baked”. It’s actually a big mess filled with pinto beans, sugar, molasses and syrup.

baked bean

5. Trail Mix

Many nutritionists would want you to have a healthy mix of carbs, protein and fiber. Well trail mix contains a lot of unnecessary add-ons within the package. This includes yogurt covered raisins, deep-friend banana chips and salty nuts.


6. Smoothies

Smoothies have been perceived as the healthy option for when you’re on the go and don’t have time for eating fruits. But smoothies often use yogurt or sugar-loaded sherbet for the base with additional sugar to sweeten the taste.


7. Salads

Leafy green lettuce seems like an ideal option for anyone trying to eat healthy right? Wrong. A lot of salads come with pre-loaded add-ons with cheese, avocado, croutons and creamy salad dressing, packing more than 700 calories into one serving.


8. Whole Wheat Breads

Whole wheat products are not really whole what. They have been reduced to fine particles of flour, raising blood sugar just as any other bread. It also causes inflammation and heightened cholesterol levels.

whole wheat

9. Fruit Juices

Most the time there isn’t even a trace of fruit in this overloaded sugar mix. You’re really drinking fruit-flavoured water, loaded with sugar. Fruit juice actually has more sugar than regular sodas and other sweetened beverages.

orange juice

10. Baked Chips

From fried chips to baked. What’s the real difference? Although they have less fat, there are a lot of unhealthy additives and empty calories packed into these thin little snacks. The overall levels of sodium and potassium in these products are dangerously high, it’s best to just avoid chips altogether.

baked chips


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