10 Most Powerful Photos Of This Month That Will Definitely Break Your Heart!

As you sleep or as you go about your day, there are millions of events that are taking place elsewhere on planet earth.

These photos show you some of the most powerful moments that took place this month.

Boys in Bajumbura, Burrundi.
Source: Goran Tomasevic / Reuters

Demonstrator on Fire
Source: Abbas Momani / AFP / Getty Images

Jetman Suits In Dubai
Source: Stringer / Reuters

Texas Rangers’ Josh Hamilton
Source: Mark Zaleski / AP

Protest In Chile
Source: Stringer / Reuters

Soldier With A Child
Source: Handout . / Reuters

House Damaged By Earthquake In Nepal
Source: Ahmad Masood / Reuters

Amtrak Train Derailed in Philadelphia
Source: Lucas Jackson / Reuters

New York Police Officer Brian Moore Funeral Service
Source: Shannon Stapleton / Reuters

Seals dressed in military uniforms
Source: Stringer Russia / Reuters

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