10 Funniest Pictures That Went Viral In 2014

Some images speak for themselves, and others will leave you clueless, without an appropriate word choice that accurately reflects what you are about witness. These images are sure to distract the hell out of you. You’ll want to go back but then you’ll realize that you’ve spent too long on here. Hurry, your quest for weird pics awaits you.

He’s Gonna Be A Trouble When He Gets Older

He's Gonna Be A Trouble When He Gets Older

Source: Karmadecay

Window Or Not

Window Or Not

Source: Imgur

What’s For Dinner?

What's For Dinner?

Source: Ohyes

He’s Doing It Wrong

He's Doing It Wrong

Source: Reddit

Eating Fast Food “Occasionally”

Eating Fast Food "Occasionally"

Source: Reddit

Who’s Feeling Ugly Today?

Who's Feeling Ugly Today?

Source: Densanka

What’s He Looking For?

What's He Looking For?

Source: Castanet

She’s A Great Candidate

She's A Great Candidate

Source: Design Laorosa

That Looks Painful

That Looks Painful

Source: Cuantarazon

Just the Two of Us

Just the Two of Us

Source: Imgur

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